Cyber Insurance

What if your precious confidential customer data gets hacked? What if your credit card information is no longer a secret, thanks to a fraudulent email that you accidentally clicked on? What if the smart devices that connect you to huge business networks succumb to a malicious attempt?

Personally or professionally, almost everyone uses some kind of cyber technology everyday. Also, no matter what security measures you undertake, cyber attacks will happen! Depending on your technology usage, industry and business, we at SIVANA help you understand the risks you might be exposed to and offer solutions that can help you secure yourself, your business or both! The cost of NOT buying cyber insurance can be devastating. It can not only drain you financially and emotionally but can also cost you your customers, your revenue, your reputation, your dreams!

What will this insurance cover?

For Individuals

Unauthorized online


Reputational injury

Identity Theft

Cyber Bullying


For Businesses

First-party expenses

Expenses incurred by the organization to mitigate losses related to a data breach

Incident response costs

PR services

Communication with affected stakeholders

Forensic costs

Consequential loss

Data restoration costs

Business losses & interruptions due to data breach

Third-party expenses

Expenses incurred by the organization to defend liability claims, penalties, fines

Identity theft

Copyright/trademark infringement

Privacy invasion

Reputational Injury

Legal fees and regulatory fines

Liability claims

Cyber crime costs

Financial losses resulting directly from a criminal activity

Unauthorized transaction

Cyber Bullying

Cyber Extortion

Malware Intrusion

Cyber attack

Ransomware attack

Social engineering (*not covered by all)

What is NOT covered?

The cyber insurance
does NOT covers the following:

Intentional Loss

Bodily injury, disease, death or damage to tangible items

Unauthorized collection of data

Unsolicited communication

Immoral or obscene services

Dishonest/Improper conduct

Future profits lost due to reputational damage

Decreased valuation


Losses incurred before the waiting period ends

Who should buy cyber insurance?

From online banking to e-shopping, from social media browsing to transferring money online, almost every piece of our lives is available on the internet. Any individual or business using electronic communication and/or the internet is exposed to malicious activities and threats. In essence, buying cyber insurance is a good risk mitigation plan for everyone!

It can be challenging to figure out how much coverage you need. Also, cyber insurance
policies vary from insurer to insurer.

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Did You Know?

Your General Liability Insurance doesn’t protect you in the event of a cyber attack.

There is a hacker attack very 39 seconds.

The global average cost of a data breach is $3.9 million across SMBs.