Who We Are?

SIVANA Insurance Brokers Private Limited (IRDA License No. 418) is a professional risk management and insurance brokerage company licensed by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) under Ministry of Finance, Government of India. An "Insurance broker" is a professional, who, with his/her expert knowledge simplifies the insurance process for his/her clients. The broker, arranges insurance contracts with insurance companies and/or reinsurance companies on behalf of its clients

What We Do?

  • Adequacy - whether your existing policy best suits your requirement or not.
  • Gaps - if there are any potential slips in coverage that may prove damaging at times of claims.
  • We identify your needs and design an insurance cover that matches your requirement and also provide expert advice on which insurance company to opt for.
  • Get a detailed account of the situation from you to further liaise with the insurance company.
  • Guide and update you through the claim filing process.
  • Support you in filing a claim by completing all required documentation.
  • Ensure there are no discrepancies in documentation that may cause disproportionate settlement of claims.
  • Follow up to ensure timely inspection, assessment and disbursement of claims.
  • Assist in negotiation of the claims.
  • Maintain proper records of claims.
  • As your outsourced insurance department, once on board, we:
  • Coordinate for a detailed on-site inspection.
  • Basis our analysis, we prepare a comprehensive report highlighting potential areas of risk for you.
  • Help you foresee risks and develop a 360-degree outlook on risk management in order to help you choose the best policy.

When you initiate your policy procurement process, we design an in-depth report based on our analysis of your existing insurance portfolio and physical risk inspection of your assets and properties. These reports are meant to help the insurance companies better understand the risk exposure.

Why Sivana?

It is logical for you to ask why us and not an Insurance Company directly or their Agents. Here is why:

  • In case of an unfortunate event, we guide you through the claims process and ensure a fair settlement.
  • You can trust our judgement/ recommendations. Licensed by the IRDA, we are experts in the field, offering solutions based on your specific needs.
  • You get access to policies that you might not have otherwise.
  • We negotiate premiums on your behalf, thanks to our market knowledge and contacts.
  • We work FOR YOU (and not any insurance company).
  • Unlike insurance companies who aim at selling their policies, we aim at selling customised solutions that best suit your needs.
  • We work on the principle of utmost good faith. Our advice is based on your interest and is independent of the interests of insurance companies.
  • We help you choose the right policy from the plethora of choices available.
  • We make you understand your policy.
  • We act as your personal advisor on all insurance matters.
  • We have access to a wide range of insurers, even ones that do not sell directly to public. We get you the right coverage at the best price.
  • We believe in transparency. Our services won’t cost you extra, our commission is paid by the insurance company your business is booked with. At the same time, there are no financial benefits for us in choosing an insurance company over the other. We always inform you about the commission we receive from the companies to keep it transparent. Commission from all insurance companies is almost the same.
  • We simplify the insurance sector jargons for you, so you understand why a particular policy works for you.
  • We save you time, money and all the uncertainty.
  • In short, we help you get highly personalised nsurance products at the best prices!